🌳 Outdoor Coaching 🌳 for Expats who struggle to find their feet in the Netherlands By going out in nature, you can look at your struggles and what you need to tackle them. Walking side by side, towards a horizon, creates new perspectives.

My name is Cat Boersma and as a coachee I have experienced how valuable coaching sessions can be. Thanks to my own coach, who uses Outdoor Coaching as one of her many coaching tools, I was able to give my talents a new lease of life by choosing what makes me happy.

Through coaching, you can work on personal development and you will find answers to questions you may have had for years, but didn’t know how to access them. Outdoor Coaching is perfect setting, nature can give you a lot of metaphors to work with, which is completely different from sitting in an office.

Being in the outdoors gives a sense of freedom, which cannot be recreated in an office setting. Fresh air is very invigorating, good for the blood flow and the brains and it reduces stress levels.